Tundra by Triptych

Empty Space, FringeFest 2009.

“Tundra was based on an idea by Anne Gilpin. It is inspired by William Wordsworth’s poem “Composed a few miles above Tintern Abbey” and Laura Gilpin’s photograph “The Prairie”. The music was composed by Ian Wilson and features Mark O’Keeffe on trumpet with sound realised in  collaboration with Jürgen Simpson.”    https://www.cmc.ie/shop/tundra

“With no dialogue, she shaped a loose narrative of isolation and pursuit, displacement and migration, under unforgiving lighting (designed by Conleth White) which drifted from aggressive reds to laconic blues, and the unsettled audience was left largely to draw its own conclusions. Frequent trumpet bursts from Mark O’Keeffe punctuated the musical drift.” Irish Times, Tue, Sep 9, 2008