Titanic Media

This is a short showing 2 pieces of the media I made for the second outing of Titanic Dance. The rest of the media consisted of many of the period photographs which I adapted to wide screen format and more seascapes, (similar to the one here but at different times of day), generated with Psunami plugin in After Effects.

I talk about the lighting here

Below is the classic photo I worked up for the media above. The Titanoraks debate whether the propellers belonged to the Olympia or the Titanic. After swearing to never get into this subject in Belfast I have had to, since the anniversary in 2012, become something of one myself.  I plummet(!) for the Olympia myself as the plans of what purports to have been the Titanic are the now regarded to be those of the Olypmpic. The Olympic, which was only a metre or so shorter than the Titanic – so they used the same plans (?). Not to be out done by Titanoraks I looked up the revolutions of the propellers and simulated accordingly!