“The Only Jealousy of Emer” by WB Yeats – in 14 Henrietta Street, Dublin.

Directed by Ray Yeates in 14 Henrietta St. as part of ILF Dublin -Yeats 2015
The only Jealousy of Emer - WB Yeates

Oluwayomi Ogunyemi, Yemi Adenuga, Deji Adenuga, Penelope Anyaji-Aniuzu, Esosa Ighodaro. @ Conleth White

  “Part of the Cuchulainn Cycle of five plays about the life and death of the mythic Irish hero, The Only Jealousy of Emer continues Yeats’ experiments with Japanese Noh theatre as a way of bringing onto the stage demons, ghosts and supernatural events. Cuchulainn has killed his son and, in grief, attempts to fight the sea. Half drowned, he lies in a state between life and death with his wife Emer and his mistress Eithne watching over him. But, as these two women struggle to revive him, is something far more sinister about to occur?”

Produced by the City Arts Office in association with the Yemi and Deji Adenuga for Nigerian Carnival Ireland, the production is designed by Robert Ballagh, lighting by Conleth White, costumes by Marie Tierney and choreography by Liz Roche.

Performers : Yemi Adenuga, Deji Adenuga, Oluwayomi Ogunyemi, Esosa Ighodaro, Penelope Anyaji-Aniuzu

This production has been generously supported and forms part of the National Yeats 2015 programme.

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