In 2004 I returned from India via Edinburgh just in time to light this pleasure in a small studio in Dublin (since closed and much missed). It was being directed and designed by educational, as well as theatrical, colleagues. I had under my arm my first and Nikon’s first consumer-level digital SLR, the D70, which I had bought for the Indian trip. I had hoped to also get professional quality photos of theatre lighting with it and wasn’t disappointed. As we were in a small studio and given that Liz Lloyd was unable to move from the one position, it was possible to light her in a cinematic manner. I have since often used these as examples for the teaching of color temperature and use of correction filters.

Speranza was written by Chistopher FitzSimons, directed by Derek Chapman and designed by Eoghan O’Reilly. Produced by Little Elf productions in Andrew’s Lane Studio.