Sendiana Media

This page and the videos are unlisted – it is not accessible without the page link.

Made from photos Sorcha gave me. I blended it over itself live on several layers on my media server last year. I will make several blends this year as Qlab is not great for mixing live.


An oak tree fades through the seasons…



Mural project on the wall…



Pictures of the oppression made by Palestinian children, gleaned from the internet. These seem to have been effective as I got some of the photos from Israeli sites doubting their legitimacy.



This is made (hastily) from footage of the visit of the young soccer team for last years finale.  Could be used to back music with strong beat or rhythm. No harm using work from previous events at all as would show the continous effort since 2014.


Nakba – This is too long (20mins) but parts of or photos from it might be of use…


This was the ‘trailer’ for 2014…  I don’t have the original file with me so couldn’t re-edit but could download Dearbhla’s doc and remake…

The footage used is from the documentary “Justice and Accountability in Gaza” by Dearbhla Glynn

Music by Trevor Knight after the poem ‘We teach life, sir’ by Rafeef Ziadah


Here’s an idea for poetry from another show



I use this one quite a bit as abstract for slower moments


This one could be treated and used in similar places