My work: a summery

Entitled, Macha, The Mac, 2017.

Here is a recent biography; click on thumbnails below for galleries.



Conleth has lit many site specific/installation pieces such as The Tempest (Kilmainham Gaol); Binlids, DubbelJoint, in Whiterock, Belfast and Angel Orenzans Centre, New York; the Field Day/Tinderbox 1798 bicentenary co-production of Stewart Parker’s Northern Star in the First Presbyterian Church for Belfast Festival 1998; Belfast By Moonlight, Kabosh in St. Georges Church 2013 and The Only Jealousy of Emer in 14 Henrietta St, Dublin 2015.

Other diverse work has included, in the Millennium Forum, Derry, imagery/light for Translations (directed Adrian Dunbar, also in the Kings, Edinburgh), imagery/light for Tejas Verdes & POENA 5X1 (Inside-Intelligence, Edinburgh Festival 2013/6), set/light/imagery for the 36th (Ulster) Division Memorial committee presentation of From The Shipyard To The Somme in East Belfast. He toured lighting to swimming-pools in Belgrade, Taiwan, Denmark and the UK with Big Telly’s productions of The Little Mermaid (2005/6). Recently he created imagery for Kabosh’s dramatic reading of North by Seamus Heaney in the Seamus Heaney Home Place (2017).

Recent theatre work has included set, costume, imagery and light for Entitled written and directed by Fionnuala Kennedy of Macha (The Mac 2017); set/imagery/light for Belfast Rising and Che Guevara (Brassneck); Terra Nova’s Belfast Tempest in T13; lighting for Co-motion’s Frank Pig Says Hello & The Leaves of Heaven for Dublin Theatre Festival 2017; light/imagery for F.A.T.D.A.D. in the Complex, lighting for Love in the Wild by Lisa Walsh, directed by Peter Sheridan in Axis-Ballymun & tour, light/imagery for Dublin Will Show You How for Abbey Peacock/The Complex 2019.

Since 2012 he has been involved in the Moving Bodies Festival of Live Art and Butoh in Dublin & Turin.

Image for Hercules And Antaeus






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