Live Art

I am gathering all the years of procrastination layered in my hard drive! So be patient. 

Since the turn of the new century, I have been actively seeking and I have been offered collaborations within the fields of live art.

In particular, I am fond of Butoh Dance. It challenges my reflexes and heightens my senses. A butoh dancer reaches depts of improvisation that rarely I have witnessed. I mesmerise like in front of a painting, life pure paint stratifying moving under heat; ok, it is a bit of a poetic metaphor, though it resembles the truth of the butoh process.

I have lit Ken Mai, Iwashita Toru, Bridget Scott,  Ambra G. Bergamasco, Paul Michael Henry, Yuri Dini, Natsuko Kono, Yumiko Yoshioka, Minako Seki and Masaki Iwana during the last few years of the Moving Bodies & Live Art Festival in both Dublin and Torino.


This picture was taken in July 2014; from left Yumiko Yoshioka, Ken Mai, Ambra Gatto Bergamasco and Natsuko Kono, before they left for Cork, Ireland.





This photo of Ken Mai performing with Shiraz was taken by the talented Darya Spivakova during the Moving Bodies Festival 2016 in Torino. More photos & videos …



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