Glasgow School of Art Fashion

Most of these photos were taken on an early digital camera, so they are interesting for the effect of the early technology, on the colour and shapes, when the the auto exposure/shutter was too long, or the saturated colors of the fixtures are blown exactly where you would want this to happen. And the charm of it happening in a setting like an old fruit market.

For some five or six years I did the lighting for the Glasgow School of Art Fashion Show. These were produced and designed by Sarah Paulley and ably assisted by various of her students, some of whom, (Simon Daw, Vicki Payton and Digger Nutter), who took the photos posted here. Most are from 2000 and were taken by Vicki and Digger on the early digital camera. The venues for this period 1998 – 2003 were The Arches, The Old Fruit Market and The Tramway.