East Belfast Boy and Girl

Like most of the pages on this site I am often still working on it (particularly the text!)…

East Belfast Boy (2015) and East Belfast Girl (2016) were produced by Partisan Productions in the EastSide Arts Festival in Belfast for young people of the Ballymacarrett area and environs. They featured one actor and a live DJ, James Kirkpatrick. The media played on the LED wall behind the performer was mostly footage of the area treated as if it were in a club where the young people go. The only reference to the ‘situation’ (in East Belfast Boy only) was film of youths playing on a bonfire stack and maybe that armchair on a pallet in the set, the Set perhaps. The purpose of these pieces was create work that the kids could own.

East Belfast Boy was played by Anto Boyle and East Belfast Girl by Christine Clare. The venue is the Ballymac Centre. The shows were written and directed by Fintan Brady, produced by Karen McFarlane (Partisan) and Roz Small (Ballymac Centre).

All the footage used here was shot by Chris Martin. Click on a photo for a slideshow… Media links are below the photos.








This second group of photos I gleaned from the Partisan FB page; they were taken by Karen McFarlane and Chris Martin.