Complex Models

These three unlisted (not in the public domain) YouTube videos show some ideas for a video-scape in The Complex to create the period for scenes in Fat Dad (2018). The script calls for montages showing events that occurred before and during the three acts. Whereas the video shown here is both scenographic and reportage as called for the script;  as we make the piece, it will develop a visually dramatic role, poetically intrinsic to the action in the piece.

The first one has some 1916 footage, TV coverage of South Armagh in the 70s and TV footage from the Hunger Strikes. The period stills are of the Gardiner street area.

The second shows two major events before 1992; the aftermath of Enniskillen Bombing 1987, the deaths of the corporals in 1988, and footage concerning the IRA sniper in South Armagh. The stills are of the pillars of the GPO as the main protagonist, Martin, is now homeless and living under the portico.

The third, set mid nineties, shows footage from early days of  Drumcree, security footage of Canary Wharf and slides from the anti drug marches in Dublin.