Belfast by Moonlight

Belfast by Moonlight was produced by Kabosh for Belfast Festival in 2013.


Belfast by Moonlight, Kabosh, St George’s Church, Belfast, 2013. ©Aidan Monaghan.

Set in St. George’s Church of Ireland on High Street in Belfast. Written by Carlo Gebler in verse, six women from different eras of Belfast tell their stories in the course of one night. The piece was scored by Neil Martin a cappella for the six characters and a female choir. Directed by Paula McFettridge, the costumes were designed by Elle Kent.

The scary challenge for me was supplying the moonlight, through the stained class window. Not only that; an eclipse had to occur at the dramatic high point of the piece. Christine Collins, the stage manager, shot this footage it on her iPhone.


Some details the church taken during site inspection and the rehearsal…

Curious about the church? –,_Belfast


When I saw the window inside the church the first thoughts were how to get lights up behind it high enough to simulate moonlight. Cranes and scaffolding towers and the cost of these ran around my mind in circles.



Relieved with this discovery; the only problem would be how to rig something without damaging the solar panels.





Elev from Window

Sketch of critical dimensions for rigging company.


Fixtures: 3 x Robe MMX WashBeam, 3 x Robe ColorWash 2500

Control: ChamSys MQ 200, QLX Lighting Ltd

Rigging:  Actaco (EventServ)