Archy in Manhattan

In August of 2018, Archy in Manhatan was produced by Rathmore Productions in The Baby Grand, the studio space of The Grand Opera House in Belfast. Directed by Ian McElhinney, it was adapted by Marie Jones from archy and mehitabel a satirical poetry from the 1920s by American journalist Don Marquis.

There was no set design as such, just rostra providing three levels and, at moments, representing a typewriter. The projections narrated a New York background and a journey to Paris.  That year, 2018, I had developed a 2 screen approach to projection to venues where the cast might be lit by the projector.

Below are sketches of how the 2 screens to show how the screens might be used. I used the Grand MA2 3D program to make the models. I was also using my Grand MA2 to light the show. I also designed the publicity art work featuring Tara Lynne O’Neill.