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A True and Attested Account at the Engine Room, Portview Trade Centre, April 2018

The play is based on the Goligher medium case in Belfast 1920, where a physicist attempted, ably assisted by the medium Kathleen Goligher, and failed to prove the existence of spirits and their use of ectoplasm. Crawford’s wife has died and he can’t remember her face. This piece is shown when he is breaking down as the Goloigher character is ‘possessed’ by the dead wife (Laura).

I got the idea from the “deep image construction” that records what the brain sees:

When we were shooting it, Fintan directed Laura to do the hand motion across her face so I faded that up over the effect. The effect itself was produced by ‘degrading’ a frame capture into about 300 stills (12 secs of video) are repeated. (Deep image reconstruction: Natural images

Shooting video – Kellie Hughes directed these two
Deirdre Unforgiven was made for both archival and funding purposes

UCD Ad Astra – ‘graduation’  pieces