La Biennale di Venezia awaits….

After very productive and successful months, i.e  ‘The Mansion House 300years Anniversary”,  where I worked with Mark O’Brien and Dermot Bolger and several other projects such as “The Only jealousy of Emer” by WB Yeats 14 Henrietta St., I am taking some time off in August to recalibrate my sight. For that, Tuscany and La Biennale, are needed.

Looking forwards to see: “All the World’s Futures, through its constellation of Filters will delve into the “state of things” and question “the appearance of things”, shifting from the guttural enunciation of the voice to the visual and physical manifestations between artworks and the public”. (Okwui Enwezor, curator of the Biennale).

For more details for La Biennale click here



 stay in touch via twitter to read Biennale updates from the 12th of August 2015!

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